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It is meant to protect computers from undesired changes
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Toolwiz TimeFreeze is a utility that is meant to protect computers from undesired changes, by creating copies of the system, hence, a virtual environment.
The user-interface consists in a single window split into two sections: one focused on TimeFreeze protection and one on file protection. The first section allows you to create a copy of the system. When protection is turned off, the changes can be saved to the real system or they can be abandoned, only the system will need to be restarted in the second case. However, the location of the saved session could not be found, therefore, it could not be put to use. The file protection section is aimed at blocking access to certain files, by denying reading and editing privileges. Windows system files should not be included, as the developer suggests it. Where protection is concerned, the effects could indeed be verified: access to the protected folder/file was denied for both viewing and editing it. However, it seems that access will be denied to anyone who tries to open them, with no option for access to be approved by password input. The "enable password protection" box does not refer to assigning passwords to certain files, as it would be expected and preferred, but to assigning password access to Toolwiz TimeFreeze. Aside from the user interface, a float toolbar can be displayed on the desktop upon choice, and its purpose is to show the status of the utility and to allow quicker switching back to it, while using another program.
To sum it all up, Toolwiz TimeFreeze is a piece of software aimed at system, file and folder protection from unwanted changes.

Margie Smeer
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  • File and folder protection can be enabled, meaning that for the selected items the possibility of both viewing and editing them will be blocked
  • It is free


  • The messages in the user interface and in the dialogue boxes contain English mistakes which might make their meaning confusing
  • Password access is not enabled for protected files and folders, except the utility itself
  • The saved copy of the system could not be found, hence, it could not be put to use
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